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Kevin Says Jump

Kevin Says Jump

Many people in life go to work every day, come home, have dinner, spend a little time with their family, do a little entertainment, watch TV and then do it all over again the next day and the next day.

They do that, living a decent average life, but they have problems.

They have debt. They can’t get some of the things they’d like to get in life, or do all the things for and with their family that they would love to do.

Some people just don’t care about that. They choose to live an average existence and could care less how their life is going and just accept living week-to-week.

They don’t pay all their bills on time and think that is their ‘lot’ in life.

But there are other people who like to ‘soar!’

They believe in their dreams. They believe that they can accomplish things. They step out of their comfort zones to start their dreams.

Whether it’s a few dollars to invest in a business of their own, and if they don’t have the money, they find it and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Steve Harvey said, “Those people stand on the edge of a cliff and they jump!”


kevin-says-jump-1If you “stand at the edge of a cliff” and look around, you’ll see all the parachuters just floating nicely and having a ball!” That is kind of an analogy of success.

Many people refuse to jump, either because they don’t believe they can succeed in life, or they don’t believe in their dreams.

Naysayers and the negative influences of other people have stopped them from going after their dreams.

They look at their bank accounts and say, “Nope! I don’t have any money to invest in my dream,” and they just give up on it, rather than find the few dollars that it takes to get started on a dream.

They choose to live an average existence.

Whereas, the people who stand at that edge of a cliff, who decide to jump, guess what? The parachute is not going to open up right away and they’re going to get bumps, bruises and scrapes on their skin from the rocks, but they jumped!

And that’s how I wanted to live!


kevin-says-jump-2I did not want to be an ‘Average Joe.’ I did not want to come home from work, have dinner, do a little entertainment, watch TV and go back and do it all over again for the rest of my life!

I wanted MORE from life!

And a lot of you do, too! You just need courage. It takes courage to jump when you’re standing on that cliff.

Kevin Says JUMP!

And you’ll be amazed because even though the parachute doesn’t open right away, eventually (and you need to understand this), eventually it DOES open and you can soar with the rest! Those who have the guts, the determination and the courage to go after their dreams; to move Heaven and Earth to get started and to NEVER quit, CAN succeed!

Can you imagine if somebody’s soaring in the sky and they decide to quit, so they just rip off their parachute?

How stupid is that, right? Sadly, it does happen, sometimes.

But if you’re willing to learn, willing to work, willing to start believing in your dream and stop believing anyone else who told you that you can’t do this, or you can’t do that, then stand on the edge of the cliff, look around and JUMP!


kevin-says-jump-3You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in life!

And with the Help of Almighty God behind you, He WANTS you to jump!

He WANTS you to succeed in life and so do I.

I believe in you even if I don’t know you because you’re a fellow human being. And we all have dreams and goals, don’t we?

We all have things we would love to achieve in life.

So, get on the edge of the cliff and jump! Look both ways, but JUMP and take that action!

Join us. Make it a wonderful day and…

…JUMP! Go for it.


Kevin and Kimberly Sousa


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