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Winning Tactics For Effective Subject Lines

Email marketing is the foundation of every good internet marketing business.

Your subject line can make or break your email marketing efforts.

One of the biggest challenges of email marketing is coming up with a subject line that can get the reader to open the email.

If you fail to create an email subject line that catches the reader’s attention, most likely your email will be deleted quickly.

In this blog post I am going to reveal winning tactics to writing effective subject lines.

This information can dramatically increase you email open rate which will result in increased sales.

These same tips can also help you to craft headlines for your blog post, video titles and social media post.

Anytime you can capture someone’s attention to get them to read or listen to your content, that will help to build your brand and your business.

1. When you are creating your subject line keep in mind the whole purpose is to get them to open the email. Don’t try to sell your product or recruit a new affiliate in the subject line.

2. Review the stats from you past emails to see which subject lines had the best open rate. The results may surprise you.

3. Share social proof, a statistic, or a testimonial.
   Example: 600,000 shares on Facebook.

4. Review your email inbox and observe the type of subject lines that make you want to open them. Make a swipe file of the good ones. Use that as a guide only. Don’t copy them word for word.

5. Make it more personal instead of sounding like a marketing ad. If you are inviting someone to a hangout or webinar, try: Can you attend Wednesday at 8:00?

6. Don’t offer too much information in the subject line. The reader may either accept or reject that limited content and usually sees no need to open the email.

7. Keep the subject lines short. Remember many people are checking their emails on their phones.

Bonus tip:

You can use a simple free tool to help you generate ideas. Such as:
http://www.title-generator.com which will create 700 variations with one click.

By implementing these simple tips you can turn your subject lines into a tool that will improve your marketing results and create more profits in your business.

Kim Sousa

KIm Sousa