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5 Ways To Immediately Get More Friends And Followers

These are all methods that I have used which resulted in more Facebook friends and followers.

Most of these tips are going to get people to send friend request to you. Facebook does not like it if you send friend request to people that don’t know you. Sending too many of those will land you in “Facebook jail” and you will be blocked from sending more request.

With that said I sometimes send a couple each day, no more than three.

Tip 1:

Get More Friends And FollowersCheck to see who Facebook has recommended as someone you might know. Click the icon at the top of Facebook where you normally get notifications of new friend request.

When that window drops down it will show you any friend request that you have pending. It will also have a list of people that it suggest you might know.

Pick out 2 or 3 that have a lot of mutual friends with you.

Look at their profile to make sure it is someone that you would like to work with, then send them a friend request and this message:
“Facebook suggested you as someone I might know. I can see why because we have many mutual friends. I just sent you a friend request. Have a Blessed day. :)”

Tip 2:

If you are active on other social media sites, you can get some of them to friend you on Facebook.

In the past I was very active on Twitter. I was getting a lot of new followers. When a new person followed me I sent them a direct message as follows:

Hi [Firstname], Thanks for the follow. Nice to you. Let’s connect on Facebook too. 🙂 www.Facebookcom/kim.a.sousa

(I have also used this method to get people over to my Fan Pages instead of just my personal profile.)

Get More Friends And Followers

Tip 3:

Get More Friends And FollowersJoin some groups in Facebook in which your target audience hangs out. I am a member of hundreds of make money online type of groups.

Go to a couple groups and look at the profile of some people actively posting in the group. If they are someone you would like to work with, see if they have a follow button. Follow them instead of sending a friend request.

They will get a notification from Facebook that you followed them. This could result in them sending you a friend request. They may even start a conversation with you.

Tip 4:

5 Ways To Immediately Get More Friends And FollowersPeople hangout in Facebook to catch up with friends and family and to socialize. When people see a post that touches their heart or make them laugh, they share it.

When you make a post that gets a lot of shares you just got “free advertising”.

For example: If you have a cat and you made a video of them doing something very funny, you can post that and people could share it.

When people share your post all of their friends could see it. Their friends could share it too. Then all of their friends could see it.

When a post gets lots of share we say it has “gone viral”. With all of these people that did not know you seeing your post some of them will go to your profile and friend request or follow you.

My husband, Kevin had used this method to get many thousand of followers which also maxed out his number of friends.

Get More Friends And Followers

Tip 5:

If you are active in some groups, you can attract some people to send you a friend request. I am not talking about the make money online groups. Most of those people just put in their advertisement and leave.

I am talking about groups on specific topics. These people are highly engaged because they are passionate or at least interested in the topic of the group. I am a member of groups about autism, recipes, low carb recipes and more.

I did not join these groups for business or to get more friends. I really am interested in those topics just like everyone else there. But as a by product of being active in those groups some people were attracted to my profile and have sent me friend request.

So for example if you are passionate about extreme coupons and are in a group on that topic, you can make a post on your PROFILE about your latest successful shopping trips with pictures of your haul and info about your savings.

Then the the link to that post from you wall and share it in a couple of the coupon groups that would be interested in that post.

Some people that also share that interest could go to your profile and decide to send you a friend request.

Get More Friends And FollowersWhen you get a friend request, accept it then start a conversation or send them a friendly message. Do not “throw up” on them about your business or send them links.

Do this:
“Hi [Firstname], Thanks for the friend request. I just accepted. Have a Blessed day. :)”

Or this:
“Hey [Firstname] Thanks for the friend request. Much appreciated! I’d love to know more about you.  What is it that you do?”

So how do you take all these new friends and followers and get some of them to join you in business?

This blog post explains all the details to get you started.

Let’s connect on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/kim.a.sousa

Kim Sousa

Kim Sousa