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Sponsor 2-3 People A Week For Free

In my previous post I showed you how to set up your profile for success and what to post so that you attract people to you in Facebook.

Today I am going to show you how to actively prospect and get people looking at your business today.

Sponsor 2-3 People Per Week For FreeWhen you reach out to them the first thing they will do is look at your profile and wall. So make sure you have read and implemented my tips from this post: Attract Endless Leads With Facebook before you start prospecting.

The first prospecting scripts and tips I am going to give you are for people on your friends list that already know you. You either know them offline or have chatted with them before online.

If your product has broad appeal, you can approach them right away. We are always sharing information with our friends and family when we see a good movie or get a bargain at the store. This is no different.

You can send them a text, call them or send a private Facebook message. A message on Facebook could even be a voice message to make it more personal.

Sample script:

Hi __________,

I hope you are having an awesome day. 🙂

Quick question..

I found a way to _________________. Now I’m sharing this with others.

Do you have a few minutes to watch a short video?

Sample script for someone that has like your Facebook post:

Thanks for liking my post. 🙂

Quick question..

I found a way to _____________. I am now sharing this with others.

Would you like to take a look at it?

You Can Sponsor 2-3 People Each Week. But don’t ever just post a link to someone unless that have asked for it or agreed to it.

When you get a “yes”, find out when they are going to watch the video so you can follow up.

The Follow up:

Ask them: “What did you like best?”

Or: “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being I’m ready to rock this and 1 being I really don’t see the vision, where do you see yourself?”

If they are ready to get started, then tell them what to do next to get started. “You’re next step is..”

If they really don’t see the vision and are not interested, then say “that’s cool, keep it in mind.”

If they are somewhere in between 2 and 9, then say,
“You must have questions. Let’s talk on the phone.” Then give them your number, ask for theirs and set a time to talk.

It would also be helpful to have an upline leader on the phone when you call them. You can say, “I’m new at this, but I have Kevin on the line and he can answer all your questions.”

Sponsor 2-3 People Per Week For FreeThere will be many people on your Facebook friends list that really don’t know, like or trust you yet. The can be a new Facebook friend or one that you have never chatted with before.

You should get to know them a little better first before you approach them about your business. Leave comments on their post and engage with them.

You can use this script to start a conversation:

“Your post just came up in my news feed. We have not chatted in awhile. How are you doing?”

When you get to know them better, you may discover that they have a problem and your product is the solution. That would be a good time to bring up the subject of your business or one of your income streams.


Sponsor 2-3 People Per Week For Free
I have a Facebook group for internet marketers. I start conversations and make friends with many of them.

Sometimes they are brand new to their business and really don’t know how to market online.

If you run into that situation, you could recommend a free training or blog post to help them.

Kevin and I learned a lot of what we know about marketing online from The Home Business Academy. That is a system that would be very helpful to a new person.

It is important to continually build your friends, followers and post engagement in Facebook to generate an abundance of leads for your business.

Let’s connect on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/kim.a.sousa


Kim Sousa
Sponsor 2-3 People A Week For Free








Attract Endless Leads With Facebook

Network marketing businesses are built with relationships. Because of that I have found it easier to grow a team with free marketing instead of paid.

While offline marketing to your warm market works, there is a limit to how many people you can contact personally. I am also not a fan of driving to home parties.

A much more effective way is to use social media such as Facebook. There is an endless amount of prospects there. It works and is very effective if done the right way. When Facebook marketing is done wrong, it repels people instead.

Kevin and I have used many different methods of marketing and free marketing with Facebook has produced the most results for us.

There are two different ways to do this. One is active prospecting and the other is to use attraction marketing. Both are very effective. A combination of both of these methods can make you highly successful in any business.

Following the steps below is the first part of attraction marketing on Facebook. Eventually you will have people contacting you asking to join your business and work with you.


The first thing you need to do is set up your profile correctly. The header image should be a lifestyle photo.

Do not put pictures of your products or the name of your company in your header.

Your profile picture should be a head and shoulders picture of you, not your kids, dog or anything else.


Attract Endless Leads With Facebook

Go into your settings and set it so that no one except you can post on your wall. If someone tags you in a post, it should not appear on your wall unless you manually approve it.

Set everything to public. You cannot hide and keep everything private if you want to build a business with social media. When people are deciding if they want to connect with you, they will look at your profile, your wall, photos and number of friends.


First I want to cover what not to post on your wall. Do not post anything negative. That will not attract people to you. If you are having a challenge paying the rent, DO NOT post about it in Facebook.

I am not saying to lie or pretend to have success that you are not having yet. Wait until you have had success and then share about your struggles and how you were able to overcome them. That will inspire people with your story. If you share your struggles before you have overcome them, you will repel people from joining you in business.

Think about it. If you see someone posting that they are broke and can’t pay their bills, is that the person that you would be attracted to for business? Would you sign up with them and look to them as a mentor?

But many people have overcome their struggles and now have had tremendous success. For example, Mike Kim from South Korea. He used to be homeless and now is highly successful. Ray Higdon was broke and filed for bankruptcy, but now is highly successful and has made millions.

Don’t use the name of your company in any of your post. You want to create curiosity and not look like an advertisement. Do this instead:

Attract Endless Leads With Facebook

Attract Endless Leads With Facebook

So what else do you post?

Post things that are positive, inspiring and uplifting. Some post can actually go viral and expand your audience.

You should also post family things like trips to the Zoo with your kids. These help people relate to you as a real person. It helps them get to know, like and trust you.

Attract Endless Leads With Facebook

Post team recognition, success stories, transformation, before & afters. But do not include the product name or the company name.

This is a great way to create curiosity and having people reaching out to you.

Attract Endless Leads With Facebook

Make some lifestyle post. Take pictures while on vacation, at the park, and at company events. The picture below was taken a couple weeks ago while were at an event in Vegas.


Attract Endless Leads With Facebook

Here is a homework assignment for you:

Pretend that you are a stranger and don’t know yourself. Now go look at your profile and scroll down your wall. Then ask yourself this question. Would you join you? That is how strangers are going to react to you too.

All the above might sound very basic. But I see people every day that are not following these tips. Now that you have the foundation to start attracting prospects. you will want to grow your following and start also actively prospecting the right way.

The next blog post in this Facebook marketing series will cover how to do active prospecting including scripts. Then I will cover how to grow your friends and followers so you have more prospects to approach.

Kim Sousa

KIm Sousa








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