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How to Motivate Your Team

Do you have teammates that have not been making sales or duplicating?

Are you wondering how to get them motivated? I am going to share some tips with you that will help.

What gave me the idea for this post is actually a conversation I had a few days ago with a prospect in Facebook.

This conversation was to follow up with her after she had watched my sales video. I sent her a message and asked her what she liked best about it. She gave me a very different response. She said that it was very well explained.

Then I asked her a closing question. Her response was that she needs to get motivated.

Watch the video below to hear my response. I also give detailed tips on how you can motive your exiting teams to have a break thru and make sales.

Kevin and I have implemented these things before and sponsored 50 people in a very short time.



To Your Massive Success,

Kim Sousa

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