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“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped” ~ Tony Robbins

I remember the day I made a decision that changed everything.

My daughter has autism. When she was diagnosed, I got into research mode right away to see what I could do to help her. I discovered that she needed to have full time intensive therapy at an early age. The price of that therapy would have been our entire household income. How could we live? It seemed impossible.

My insurance would not cover therapy for autism. So I did the only thing I could do to get her some services. I enrolled her in Pre-K in public schools so she could get some free speech therapy.

It was not enough. Far from it. She continued in the special education classes for several years. I learned that their system for special ed students was not what was needed to educate children with severe autism.

One day they even “lost” her which could have ended tragically. She left the room and they did not notice. That school has a high crime rate, so there were security guards in the halls and thankfully one found her before she could leave the building.

I was completely stressed out the day I made a decision that thankfully did change our destiny. I was the main income earner in our home working full time in accounting. We had accumulated a lot of debt and my income barely paid the bills.

I just had another call from a bill collector and I decided that something had to change. I needed money to pay off some of the bills to take the stress off. There was also always the nagging guilt that I did not have the money to provide more therapy for Ashley.

I needed more income, but since I already worked full time and was away from Ashley all day, another job was out of the question. I was not willing to be away from her even longer. That day I got on the internet to find out how to make money from home.

The first thing I did was the free stuff like surveys. Well, I quickly got tired of doing surveys and realized that the $20 – $30 bucks a month from that was not going to make a dent in my bills.

What I needed was to actually start a home business. I found an opportunity and began learning a lot about marketing and building a business online. During this time I had gotten divorced from Ashley’s father and later married Kevin Sousa. Kevin was already building a business online when we met.

Since then Kevin and I have had massive success. After our first five-figure month, we took Ashley out of the public schools and enrolled her in a private autism center. Another benefit of this success is that we have been able to travel all over the US. We were guest speakers at a recent event in Orlando and are now planning a trip to Hawaii.

We have been there and struggled trying to build a business and more income with no direction or mentorship. Now Kevin and I are taking our years of SUCCESSFUL marketing experience and coaching others on how to create success.

We’re revealing to the public our exact formula to building true wealth to save you the struggle of learning by trial and error.

Do you want to build more income to provide for your family while working 2-4 hours a day with nothing but a laptop, internet connection and cell phone?

It’s time you take a stand in your life and finally create your real true definition of FREEDOM.

This is your special invitation from Kevin and I to be mentored by us PERSONALLY. You can straight up EXPECT results because you’ll be working with us directly.

This is only for people who are coachable and hungry for change. You must be willing to invest in yourself, must be committed to your dreams and must be willing to put in the work to make it happen. If this describes you, then allow us to HELP YOU succeed.

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As Dani Johnson says, “What happens when you make a DECISION and leave NO ROOM for failure? YOU SUCCEED! You are not defined by your circumstances. You are defined by how you react to those circumstances!”

Kimberly Sousa